TrueVisions faces fines over channel numbering

Published มกราคม 13, 2016 by SoClaimon

ศาสตร์เกษตรดินปุ๋ย : ขอบคุณแหล่งข้อมูล : หนังสือพิมพ์ The Nation

TRUEVISIONS will tomorrow face at least a Bt1-million fine and a daily fine of Bt50,000 as it has failed to comply with the rule to rearrange its digital TV channel numbers as ordered by the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.

Sombat Leelapata, acting deputy secretary-general of the NBTC, said yesterday that all five members of the broadcasting committee agreed to issue an administrative order to fine the country’s largest pay-TV operator for the breach. TrueVisions slots some free-to-air TV stations outside the area reserved for 12 public and 24 commercial digital TV channels.

The stations are TV5, Channel 3, Channel 7, MCOT HD, TNN 24 and True4U.

All 24 commercial digital TV channels have gained the privilege to be aired on pay-TV platforms as well as digital-TV receivers so that they can sell up to 12 minutes of commercials per hour.

But if pay-TV operators and selected digital-TV stations provide some commercial digital channels outside the permitted channel range, they are considered as violating the rule, because only pay-TV channels are allowed to be aired outside the reserved range.

Pay-TV stations are allowed to sell up to six minutes of commercials per hour.

“This action is considered consumer exploitation. The NBTC’s broadcasting committee, therefore, decided to issue an administrative order against TrueVisions,” Sombat said.

The NBTC has received confirmation from TV5, Channel 7, Channel 3 and MCOT HD that they did not grant permission to TrueVisions to carry out the channel assignments in question.

“I’m not sure if True4U and TNN24 have clarified that they were not involved with the TrueVisions issue.

“But if they are associated with this matter, both digital TV channels will be punished as well,” he said.

True4U and TNN24 are affiliated with TrueVisions.

TrueVisions will also face another penalty after it insisted on reserving channels 11-46 for digital stations in breach of the NBTC’s order for consistent channel numbering by all platforms for digital stations, which have been assigned the channel numbers 1-36.

Appeal discussed

For the second breach, TrueVisions faces a daily fine of Bt20,000 starting last Thursday. If it still fails to comply with this order for 30 days, it will incur tougher punishment ranging from a higher fine to suspension of its broadcasting licence.

Naetchanok Wipatasinlapin, managing director of True4U, has said her station may join TrueVisions’ appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court.

“Discussion among management teams about this issue is still under way. We hope that we can find a way to compromise with the NBTC. If not, we might appeal to the Supreme Administrative Court soon,” she said.

Last year, TrueVisions, True4U and TNN24 took this matter to the Central Administrative Court as they opposed this order, but the court ruled in favour of the NBTC.


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