Nothing made up in Zuii makeup

Published มกราคม 7, 2016 by SoClaimon

ศาสตร์เกษตรดินปุ๋ย : ขอบคุณแหล่งข้อมูล : หนังสือพิมพ์ The Nation



Imported from Australia, these organic cosmetics save you from applying poison to your lips

THE AVERAGE woman who wears lipstick will end up “eating” around three kilograms of it in her lifetime. Applying talc once a week increases the risk of ovarian cancer by 36 per cent. Your skin doesn’t just protect; it absorbs – soaking in as much as 60 per cent of the substances applied to it. So you need to be careful about what’s applied.

Now Thai firm Trapa has imported from Australia a line of products called Zuii Organic Cosmetics that was recently unveiled at Siam Paragon.

The variety and colours are comparable to any brand of cosmetics, but the Zuii range is free of the chemicals, parabens (preservatives), talcum and isopropyl alcohol typically found in cosmetics.

TMF Cosmetics and Zuii Organic director Rose Beesey, who was in Bangkok for the launch, founded the company in 1980 as a manufacturer of those typical cosmetics, but then she had a change of heart. She embraced nature and began using with not just natural ingredients but also “certified organic” ingredients. The Zuii line took seven years to develop and hit the market in 2008.

“I found that the world of cosmetics needed an option,” Beesey said. “Consumers are more health-conscious now in terms of what we wear and what we eat, and no one wants to harm the environment. Zuii is constantly developing with the aim of seeing what we can do to make a difference.

“When I used to create traditional cosmetics, I used synthetics such as parabens and petrochemicals, not natural ingredients, but all the research showed that these are not good for the health. So I did my own research on natural ingredients to see if I could develop a natural range of coloured cosmetics that could really be certified organic, using the purest natural ingredients, like waxes and essential oils.”

Zuii is certified as an organic brand, all the products being made from the petals of roses, jasmine and camomile as well as floral oils.

“Our formula gives a more natural finish rather than a flat finish, and it’s also nourishing to the skin, rather than causing problems,” Beesey said. “So it’s much like a nutrient skincare line, but it’s a cosmetic line, so it’s very unique. We don’t use talc because it creates allergies. The flower petals give the skin a healthy glow. The skin pores aren’t blocked. Even people with damaged skin can use Zuii.”

The colour range is remarkably extensive given the organic base. “The market demands bright, fun colours. At Zuii we want to serve both the customers and the market and also offer a fun line – without doing any harm. Zuii can be positioned at the top in the market like any traditional cosmetic brand and the customer can chose.”

Beesey said she regards her natural ingredients as people – “because they sometimes don’t like each other”.

“Sometimes you might have a beautiful type of oil, but it might not ‘like’ another type of oil. Each colour, too, is very much its own person, very unique.

“But I think this makes it fun for the consumer, because they can get different effects. One lipstick is different from another, even if they both have the same formula. The colour of lipsticks comes from the minerals, and different blends give different shades.”

Lipstick, she noted, needs staying power, or, as she put it, “stain power”.

“The waxes and oils we use in the lipstick help stain the lips while also moisturising, whereas synthetic ingredients will dry out the lips. The whole idea of the line is to preserve, using synergy, like essential oil looking after itself.”



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