Rajabhakti Park dominates timelines

Published ธันวาคม 16, 2015 by SoClaimon

ศาสตร์เกษตรดินปุ๋ย : ขอบคุณแหล่งข้อมูล : หนังสือพิมพ์ The Nation



APART from sharing views to mark International Human Rights day on Thursday, social media outlets were also a platform for users to express their views and debate political and social issues.

After last week, when most timelines were flooded with messages and tributes to His Majesty on the occasion of his birthday, timelines this week began heating up with updates on the “Democracy Studies” group’s rally on Monday to question transparency in the construction of Rajabhakti Park. The train compartments that the activists used were removed, while the activists were taken into military custody, before being released later the same day.

British Ambassador Mark Kent (@KentBkk) tweeted: “I had hoped the fact 200 people allowed to demonstrate at the US Embassy might be relaxation on freedom of assembly.”

Also the Network of Academics for Civil Rights issued a statement calling on the military to release the activists and stop threatening them.

Meanwhile, Thammasat University (TU)’s Committee on Students’ Affairs issued a statement saying the group did not represent the university, that not all members were Thammasat students and that they should stop using the campus for their activities.

TU lecturer Yukti Mukdawijitra, on the other hand, hit back, saying this statement showed a pro-military coup stance.

Torsak Jindasuksri, a Thammasat graduate, also pointed out the university did not turn any students ‘yellow’, ‘red’ or members of any other colour-coded group. In fact, he said, many students who once identified with one colour, found themselves sharing ideas with those in other groups.

Torsak’s post was also shared by TU alumni and journalists Thanchy Srithaneadchai and Noppatjak Aim Attanon.

Meanwhile, Greenlight Thailand Facebook page shared a graphic, which showed that more than 5 million lotus leaves would be needed to cover Rajabhakti Park. This was in reference to the Thai saying, that “a dead elephant cannot be covered with a lotus leaf”, or big issues cannot be easily covered up.

Nitiphat Bhandhumachinda wrote on Facebook: “Standing up against corruption is understandable. I’m just wondering where they were when the bad family cheated thousands of millions of baht in the rice [pledging scheme]. No sight.”

Smith Tungkasmit wrote on Facebook: “To brothers and sisters who took the train to Hua Hin yesterday, unless you are over-dramatising, you are being the servants of politicians who want take over power. That will be a vicious cycle … If the military cheats, people like me will punish them with lynching, just as Snow faced in the [Mocking Jay Part 2] movie.”

@Hippoyim tweeted: “Thais have been divided for too long. You should not protect the bad people just because they are your friends. They should be brought to punishment. Unless we accept the truth, the country cannot be in peace. For how long do you want this? Who benefits from dividing Thais?”

While marking International Anti-Corruption Day on Wednesday, many people also referred to PMPrayut Chan-o-cha’s vow to fight corruption.

On the same day, Justice Minister General Paiboon Koomchaya was quoted saying that there were indeed signs of graft in the park project, but that the investigation had yet to be completed.

Other topics doing the rounds on different timelines were related to genetically modified organisms, the country’s celebration of Constitution Day without a permanent charter and the “Bike for Dad” event yesterday.


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