A tradition remembered

Published พฤศจิกายน 6, 2015 by SoClaimon

ศาสตร์เกษตรดินปุ๋ย : ขอบคุณแหล่งข้อมูล : หนังสือพิมพ์ The Nation



Wat Baantab in Chiang Mai

Wat Baantab in Chiang Mai

Wat Baantab in Chiang Mai’s Mae Chaem district |will hold a Chula Krathin ceremony to close out the three-month Buddhism retreat.

A tradition remembered

Wat Baantab in Chiang Mai‘s Mae Chaem district will hold a Chula Krathin ceremony to close out the three-month Buddhism retreat. This unique ceremony will be celebrated on November 14-15 in traditional Lanna style with residents gathering the cotton from the field and spinning it into a yarn before weaving a yellow robe. The yellow robe of Chula Krathin must be completed in one day. The locals will celebrate the yellow robe with a long and beautiful procession through the rice paddies before offering |it to the monk.

Messing about on the river

X2 River Kwai gears up for the winter holidays with the brand-new XFloat Cabin. Boasting a contemporary design, the cabins are ideal for couples and travellers, providing the chance to awaken from a water-lulled sleep and greet the morning on the surface of the restful River Kwai, surrounded by spectacular riverside scenery. There is also an upper “moon deck” to catch the refreshing daytime breeze, or to lie back and gaze at the stars at night. Visit http://www.X2Lobby.com.

AirAsia adds domestic flights

AirAsia has added two more domestic flights – to Chiang Mai and Hat Yai – to its schedule from U-Tapao International Airport in Thailand’s East. The additional flights are part of the airline’s expansion plans for its extensive network of domestic routes, with additions to U-Tapao Airport giving quick access to Thailand’s eastern beach destinations like Pattaya, Koh Chang and Koh Samet. Visit http://www.AirAsia.com.

It’s all in the silk

Khon Kaen province in Thailand’s Northeast is to play host to the International Silk Festival, “Pook Xiao” and the 2015 Red Cross Fair from November 29 to December 10 in front of City Hall. The first international silk festival will feature the sericulture and silk business of Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) countries. Highlights include an international seminar and business matching event plus sericulture and silk-weaving exhibitions.


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