Judges counter radio reds


Published: 12 May 2013 at 00.00

The Constitution Court has lodged a police complaint against three red shirt community radio operators, accusing them of filing false charges against the court’s judges.

After ending 17 days of protests against the judges on Wednesday, the radio operators filed complaints with Thung Song Hong police accusing three judges of committing treason and improper conduct by accepting a petition submitted by Senator Somchai Sawaengkarn.

The senator had asked the court to rule on the legality of an attempt by 312 MPs and senators to amend Section 68 of the constitution.

The court’s office said on Friday that it had lodged a police complaint against Pongpisit Kongsena, Malairak Thongchai and Charn Chaiya.

In its complaint, the court asked the police to investigate whether the three accused violated Sections 172 and 173 of the Criminal Code by lodging groundless complaints against the judges even though they were aware the complaints were untrue.

On April 3, the court voted three to two to accept the senator’s complaint. The three judges who voted in favour are Jarun Pukditanakul, Jaroon Intharajarn and Supoj Khaimuk. The charter court has nine judges.

The court explained in its police complaint that Section 197 of the constitution gives it the power to consider such a case and its ruling in each is deemed final.

The three red shirt community radio operators were well aware of these facts but sill lodged the complaint against the judges. As a result they were guilty of filing false complaints against the judges, the court said.


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