Sand pagodas in Suphan Buri

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Published: 4 Apr 2013 at 00.00

U Thong Ancient City Special Area Office, the Fine Arts Department, Tambon Thao U Thong Municipality, Tambon U Thong Municipality, local temples and stores, as well as local leaders invite interested people to help build sand pagodas at Wat Khao Tam Thiam in Suphan Buri’s U Thong district, today and tomorrow in preparations for Songkran.

Venue for the sand pagoda building.

On April 17, big celebrations for the festival will take place at various venues in the ancient city. Starting from 9am, a religious ceremony to present saffron robes, or pha pa in Thai, will be performed at Wat Khao Phra Sri Sanphetchayaram. From 10.30am-12.30pm parades will take to the streets from U Thong Ancient City to U Thong Market, Pathom Chedi Road to Wat Tha Phraya Chak. There will also be a parade contest and beauty contests for the titles of Songkran King and Queen.

Call the U Thong Ancient City Special Area Office on 084-163-7599.

Worshipping Phra Boromthat

The Worshipping and Splashing Water at Phra Boromthat Kaeng Soi Tradition takes place annually in Sam Ngao district, Tak province, before the Songkran Festival. This year, the event will be held from April 7-8.

On April 7, participants will travel by raft from Bhumibol Dam in Tak starting to Phrathat Chedi Sri Khong Kham from 7am. The temple can be reached only by boat. From 4pm, all will participate in the installation of a royal umbrella, or chatra in Thai, for Phrathat Chedi Sri Khong Kham. At 7pm, monks will perform the chanting for the candle (wian thian) ceremony, deliver a sermon and light candles to worship the Lord Buddha.

On April 8, monks will recite the Phra Dhammachak Kappawattanasutra prayer starting from 4am. At 5.30am, Buddhists will present Mathupayas rice to the monks. An hour later, alms giving will begin. At 9am after the longevity ceremony, monks and novices will lead Buddhists to splash water at Phra Boromthat (the Lord Buddha’s relic).

At 11am, participants will present lunch to monks and novice and then leave the temple. At 9pm, all will arrive at the Bhumibol Dam safely.

Wat Nai Muang Soi is one of the 99 remaining old Buddhist temples in the ancient city of Soi while many others were submerged under water. According to legend, Muang Soi was an abundant waterside city established by Phraya Uthum and once visited by the Lord Buddha who received food and flowers, mostly a local species called Dok Soi, from local people. The Lord Buddha gave a lock of his hair to the villagers who built a pagoda called Phrathat Kaeng Soi to enshrine the hair.

Call the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Tak Office during office hours daily on 055-514-341_3, email or visit

Visakha Bucha celebrations

The Sangha Council of Nakhon Ratchasima, the Second Army, Nakhon Ratchasima province, The Mall Ratchasima and the TAT’s local office invite all to the annual Visakha celebrations to be held from May 1-June 2 at MCC Hall, Floor 3, The Mall Ratchasima.

The main objectives are to disseminate the Lord Buddha’s teachings, make merit in honour of Their Majesties the King and Queen and boost the strength of Buddhism under the concept of Preserving Dharma, Preserving Thailand, Paying Back to the Kingdom.

Activities will include the candle (wian thian) ceremony, listening to sermons by respected monks, an exhibition on mindfulness, presenting Khao Mathupayas rice to monks at 10.30am on May 24 and practicing meditation daily.

Call the Mall Ratchasima on 044-231-000 or visit or call TAT’s local office on 044-213-666 or visit or

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