Making dining an art

Published เมษายน 11, 2013 by SoClaimon


Published: 5 Apr 2013 at 00.00

Bangkok will soon be welcoming back three-Michelin-star chef Alain Passard, who will be setting up temporary headquarters at the Sukhothai Hotel to present more of his impressive French home-style cuisine as part of an event called “The Art of Dining”, which is scheduled to run from April 23 to 28.

Three Michelin-star chef Alain Passard.

Born in France into a family of musicians, Passard’s interest in cooking started at an early age while assisting his grandmother in the kitchen. He began his professional career at the age of 14 working at Hostellerie du Lion d’Or in Liffre, Brittany under Michel Kerever and he hasn’t looked back since. He holds the distinction of being the youngest chef ever to obtain two Michelin stars; he was only 26. He earned this honour while working at Le Duc d’Enghien at the casino in Enghien-les-Bains just outside Paris and went on to receive another two Michelin stars while he was doing a stint at the Carlton in Brussels.

In 1986, Passard purchased the three-Michelin-star restaurant L’Archestrate from his former mentor, Alain Senderens, and renamed it L’Arpege. It took only one year for this fine-dining establishment in Paris to earn its first star, then another year to earn its second. In 1996, L’Arpege was awarded a third star by the Guide Michelin and has managed to retain all three ever since.

Apple tart bouquet de roses.

At L’Arpege, Passard works with vegetables, fish, poultry, herbs and spices, capturing the essence of each ingredient by eliminating unnecessary processing steps, highlighting the character of his raw materials and harmonising their individual qualities into a single dish. He ensures the purity of the products he uses by taking care to preserve their original colour, essence and aroma. This delicacy of interpretation is, above all, due to his precise touch. His dedication and success in opening new doors, as expressed in each of his creations, provides a memorable experience for anyone fortunate enough to sample the results of his labours.

At the Sukhothai Hotel’s La Scala, Passard will prepare an exclusive gourmet menu for a wine dinner on April 23, priced at 12,000 baht. From April 24 to 27, he will be offering a special set lunch (4,300 baht; or 6,300 baht with paired wines) and set dinner (8,500 baht; or 11,500 baht with paired wines).

On April 28, he will prepare a Sunday brunch at The Colonnade, priced at 4,000 baht (or 4,500 baht with a glass of Lombard champagne).

Signature Passard delights to be featured in this six-day promotion include: fine beetroot sushi; sweet onion gratin with Parmigiano Reggiano; celerisotto with Savagin wine and sorel; Arlequin of vegetables with Argan oil-flavoured couscous; monkfish with geranium oil, lemon caviar, carrot mousseline and spinach; duck with fig-tree oil, lemon jam and smoked aubergine; red fruit in hibiscus-flavoured soup; and apple tart bouquet de roses.

For reservations, call 02-344-8888 or email


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